What to expect from a professional Dental Cleaning Charlotte

Undergoing professional Dental Cleaning Charlotte is a routine dental procedure. Although there is no real pain involved, those who have sensitive teeth may feel slight discomfort. This may also be true for those who have neglected routine cleaning; if it has been some time since their last cleaning they can expect a little more scraping to get all the plaque from their teeth. For most people though, Dental Cleaning Charlotte are if anything, more of an inconvenience than anything else.

Usually a dental cleaning takes little more than half an hour. Most people incorporate a professional cleaning with their annual check-up. Usually the dentist will check the patient’s teeth once the cleaning has been completed to see if any additional work is in order.

Rarely does a patient require any medication for pain during a professional cleaning. Some patients who have a natural adversity to a dental appointment may be understandably nervous, these patients benefit considerably from nitrous oxide. As an alternative, these patients might be wise to take a simple tranquilizer prior to their dental appointment. If the patient is extremely anxious, and actually makes the process more difficult for the hygienist, the patient can be subjected to medication that will for all intents and purposes put them to sleep during the cleaning.

During the procedure the dental hygienist will use several different tools which include scalers and polishers. A tooth polisher is a rotary device and is used to buff teeth and get rid of any last remaining evidence of plaque. Scalers are hook like tools, these are used to remove difficult accumulations of plaque, especially that which has formed between the teeth. Many dentists are using a very fine stream of water on high pressure to remove the plaque as well as ultrasound devices.

During Dental Cleaning Charlotte the patient can expect the hygienist to inquire about the dental care they give themselves at home. If, during the professional cleaning there was a considerable amount of plaque found, don not be surprised if the hygienist gives you a good lecture on the importance of responsible brushing and flossing. If the patient insists that they care for their teeth well and there is still considerable plaque, this may be an indication that the patient should undergo professional cleaning more often that just during their annual checkup.

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