Consider the Benefits of Sedation Dentistry For Children

by | Oct 19, 2020 | Dentists

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If you have ever had a child that has dental issues, you know all too well how awful each and every dental visit can be for both you and your child. No mother wants to see her child subjected to pain over and over again at the dentist, but if your child’s teeth have issues you may have no other alternative, or do you? Sedation dentistry is becoming ever more popular today as more and more adults are starting to see the benefits for themselves. What you may not know is that sedation dentistry for children in Chino is nothing new.

There are many ways in which your child can be made to feel a bit more comfortable at the dentist office. If your child has problems with his or her teeth, sedation dentistry is probably the way you should go. There are several ways sedation is used on children in a dental setting and we are going to look into a few of those.

Nitrous Oxide is used a lot in the pediatric dental world to help children relax during their dental procedures. Sometimes this gas is called laughing gas because people tend to become a bit silly while under its effects. Oxygen and nitrous oxide are blended together and given through a small breathing mask to the child. This gas allows them to relax but not fall asleep. It is mild and non addictive and is a wonderful way to help your child get through tough dental visits.

Conscious sedation is sometimes used as well to help children be able to cope better with visiting the dentist. For this type of sedation a medication known as Versed is administered orally according to the child’s weight. This medication is a muscle relaxer so the child will not remember much of what happened during his or her dental visit. The child will remain responsive during the procedure but this medication contains something that produces a mild form of amnesia and this is the reason they will likely not remember much that took place. This is great to use when your child has a rather big treatment to undergo with the dentist. This way they will not be afraid to return due to bad images and bad feelings they may have otherwise.

If none of these other sedation methods work well enough for your child, iv sedation can always be used as a last resort. This is harmless as well but should be used only if other forms of sedation have been tried for your child without success.

As you can see there are many ways to help your child’s next visit to the dentist not be such a traumatic experience for them.

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