Opening the Door to Comprehensive Oral Surgery in Mesa, Arizona

In Mesa, Arizona and neighboring Apache Junction, Dentists have begun opening their doors to comprehensive services that now even include oral surgery. Where patients would once have needed to visit several physicians in order be referred to an oral surgeon, some practices are allowing patients to receive all of their dental services and surgeries at the same location.

Specialized services

Offering specialized, surgical services is not only a benefit to patients who no longer need to travel to multiple locations for a procedure, but also to physicians who open their practice up to new skill sets, talents , education and professionals. Patients who receive quality care in a full-service setting are also more likely to recommend a practice to friends and family. In turn, a dental practice receives credit for their comprehensive solution by word of mouth, and inevitably grows their clientele significantly.

Access and Availability

Oral surgery options that are available in dental practices also provide enhanced care for emergency dental situations. In the event that a patient needs immediate attention in order to avoid more significant health problems, a local practice is equipped with the physicians and tools necessary to aide a patient in a spur of the moment situation. Similarly, patients who receive oral surgery may also require cosmetic dental attention alongside general follow-up care in order to heal properly. Being able to provide for and complete all of these services at a single location allows physicians to more effectively track a patient’s progress with the interruption of several intermediary physicians along the way.

The calm and comfort of comprehensive care

Surgery, whether it’s minor or major, is a big deal to a patient getting ready to undergo the procedure. Half of the mental battle when facing oral surgery can be the setting and location. Oral surgery has a tendency to invoke a sense of trepidation in patients who fear medical settings and procedures. Dental practices that are able to offer multiple services as well as oral surgery, often have the added bonus of providing a calm and comfortable environment for nervous patients. Family dentistry practices that also provide surgery can bring patients into their procedure with the feeling of visiting a family and comforting space. As the patient most likely visits the same practice regularly, the fear of the unknown, as far as it is related to logistics, can easily be eliminated. When a patient is comfortable in a medical setting, they are likely to be more confident in the procedure as well.


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