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Pact-one streamlines the daily processes that make orthodontic consultant practices run effortlessly.  When your facility is due for upgrades and improvements to propel it to the forefront of the field, confer with Pact-one.  Our expert team has unparalleled levels of know-how in dental technology and supply you with the finest equipment and dental practice software in the field.  This is because our team is comprised of experts that have decades of experience and training, and are constantly learning about and becoming certified in the latest advancements in dental technologies.

Whether your office is a startup or an established orthodontic consultant practice, Pact-one can help you through the decision process and to install all types of products such as new computers and laptops, x-ray machines, servers and implement the newest and most advanced software products on the market.  The assortments of computers that are offered include dental computer systems, admin computer systems both with and without monitors, laptops, iPads, tablets, Android computers, and initiation of a digital office system.  The varieties of choices for screens that are available include high resolution dental monitors, medical sealed monitors, touch screen monitors and LCD TVs.

Additional choices for orthodontic consultants seeking to advance their practices include accessories, audio and visual equipment, data security solutions and other dental practice software.  Accessories could include mounts for monitors, printers, scanners, keyboards, network switches, signature pads, firewall/routers, battery backups, batteries, stereo systems, and state of the art security cameras.  Pact-one aids your orthodontic consultant practice in the installation of data security solutions, including backup data systems, e-dataguard, firewalls/routers, anti-virus systems and computer/security upgrades.

The intent at Pact-One is integrity and stability.  As a dental practice software company, Pact-One works as independent consultants and technicians entirely committed to assist you the best interest of your orthodontic consultant practice.  Our aim is to make solutions plain, understandable and easy to implement.  The vernacular we use to describe your alternatives to you is straightforward; our goal is to be as clear as possible in order to help facilitate your decision.  We provide you with installation, integration and networking solutions that match your budget and your vision for your practice.

Visit us at Sitename to improve your operation to the ultimate standards of professionalism and reliability in order to ensure the most effective experience for your team of orthodontic consultants and – most importantly – your patients.

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