Is it Time for Dental Crown Replacement?

by | Aug 17, 2021 | Dental Care

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A dental crown is typically placed on a tooth that is damaged to prevent further issues. The crown essentially caps the tooth, minimizing the issues present. However, dental crowns don’t last forever. At some point, dental crown replacement in Cary IL will be needed. Understanding why this is and when this occurs is essential to maintain great oral health.

How Long do Crowns Last?

It is reasonable to expect a dental crown to last between five to 15 years. There are some dental insurance plans that state they will only cover the replacement of the dental crown after the current one has been in place for a period of five years. In most cases, dentists would find crowns that only last a period of five years a ‘disappointment’, since when they are placed it is done with the expectation for them to be in place for at least 10 years.

Some of the factors that will impact how soon dental crown replacement in Cary IL is needed to include:

  1. The total wear and tear that the crown faces -; grinding, accidental trauma, biting and chewing forces.
  2. If the tooth remains free from plaque.

Why is Replacement Needed for Dental Crowns?

There are a number of reasons that crowns may have to be replaced. These factors include:

  1. Damage: Broken or cracked crowns
  2. Extensive wear: Formation of holes or wear on opposing teeth
  3. Tooth decay related complications
  4. Cosmetic appearance deterioration

Finding the Right Dentist

Another factor that impacts how long a dental crown lasts is the dentist who places it. Quality, experienced dentists, will know what to do and how to do it to ensure superior longevity for the crown. Keep this in mind when it is time to have a crown placed.

Dental crowns are essential, in some cases, to achieve healthy teeth. Those who are in need of these can look at more info here. Taking the time to be informed about the process will help ensure the crown lasts as long as possible and that the replacement does not have to be completed too frequently, which can become a hassle and a financial burden to the patient.

Contact Cary Dental Associates LLC, if you are looking for dental crowns in Cary IL.

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