Reasons for Wisdom Tooth Extraction Chanhassen, MN by an Oral Surgeon

by | Aug 26, 2021 | Dentist

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It’s rare to find an adult who still has wisdom teeth. Wisdom tooth extraction Chanhassen, MN is perhaps the most common procedure performed by an Oral Surgeon. There are many reasons why patients should choose to have these teeth removed.

Teeth Are Impacted

Any tooth can become impacted, but wisdom teeth are notorious for this. Dentists often notice a patient’s wisdom teeth are impacted after x-ray imaging. Impacted teeth are less likely to erupt fully, and if they do, impacted teeth can cause a long list of other dental problems.

Impacted means the tooth has yet to come up. It may be positioned incorrectly, such as sideways, or the tooth may not have enough room to erupt into place. Partially impacted teeth are prone to tooth decay. If not removed, impacted wisdom teeth are likely to get infected.

Protect Orthodontic Work

No one wants to pay thousands of dollars on braces, only to have their teeth move out of place. Erupting wisdom teeth, however, are one of the main reasons teeth move following orthodontic work. In fact, many orthodontists send their patients to an Oral Surgeon in Chanhassen MN, before beginning orthodontic treatment.

If the wisdom teeth aren’t perfectly positioned, they may push against other teeth as they move into place. Patients will small mouths are more likely to suffer from crowding once their wisdom teeth fully erupt. Pulling them before starting orthodontics is the best way to protect your investment.

Tooth Decay

Even if a patient allows their wisdom teeth to erupt naturally, they may not be in the clear. Since wisdom teeth are located at the very back of the mouth, they’re challenging to brush correctly. Wisdom teeth are incredibly likely to decay.

If the decay isn’t treated, it will eventually spread to the surrounding teeth. So, dentists prefer wisdom tooth extraction Chanhassen, MN. Once the teeth are removed, the patient no longer has to worry about these difficult-to-reach teeth.

Instead of allowing wisdom to come in, many dentists refer their patients to a local oral surgeon to have them removed.

Visit Chanhassen Family Dentistry to learn more about the wisdom tooth extraction procedure. They have the experience for your wisdom tooth extraction to be done safely and efficiently right in their office.

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