Information on Teeth Whitening Procedures in Pomona

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One of the biggest concerns people have about their teeth is the appearance of their smile. Everyone wants to have a beautifully white smile, but as you age, your teeth begin to yellow and can become discolored. When this happens, you may try different methods of removing the stains. Many people try to purchase at-home whitening kits and quickly find they are not effective in removing the deepest stains. These kits can sometimes cause tooth sensitivity that can become permanent. To get true whitening benefits, without the risk to your tooth enamel, you need to have Teeth Whitening in Pomona carried out through your dentist.

What Can You Expect When You Have Teeth Whitening in Pomona?

When you first come in for your Teeth Whitening in Pomona procedure, you will have your teeth carefully brushed and cleaned. This removes any plaque and food particles so they do not interfere with the whitening treatment. If this film is not removed from your teeth, the whitening solution may not be able to penetrate the enamel and break up the stains in the dentist of the teeth.

Once your teeth are cleaned, the dentist will typically brush each tooth with the special whitener solution. Some of these solutions require the use of a laser light to activate the whitening solution. This bleaches the teeth and takes them beyond a natural white to a bright Hollywood white. If you prefer a more natural whiteness, the laser treatment can be omitted and you can simply have the staining removed.

The solution will need to remain on your teeth for a certain period of time. Once this time period has ended, the dentist will make sure all of the whitening solution is removed from your teeth. He or she will then brush your teeth again and polish them, to bring out the smile. Many people are able to achieve the whitening results they desire with one treatment. Some people may need to have subsequent treatments or even bonding, if there is severe staining.

If you are interested in learning how teeth whitening solutions can improve your smile, contact Egg Harbor Family Dental today. They offer many dental services, including an Emergency Dentist, to meet your family’s dental health needs.

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