Is Teeth Whitening in South River Right for You?

by | Nov 27, 2013 | Dental Services

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Teeth Whitening in South River has become one of the most revolutionary practices in the field of dentistry in recent years. The possibility of improving the color of teeth has certainly become a great aesthetic alternative for many. But before starting this treatment, it is good to know what the process is and how to choose which one best suits your needs. This article explains what whitening is and in what cases it is recommended.

Why do teeth become stained?

There are many reasons why your teeth become stained or yellowish, some of which may be caused before teeth even break through the gums. The most common are:

The use of some types of antibiotics;

Hereditary spots and excess fluoride use;

Excessive consumption of foods that stain your teeth (tea, coffee, wine, etc.);

Smoking and other types of tobacco use;

Bad dental hygiene; and


Professional teeth whitening

Just as there are various reasons that cause our teeth to yellow, there are also different solutions to remedy the issue. An Emergency Dentist or whitening professional is definitely the best pair to choose if you want outstanding results. The number of Teeth Whitening in South River sessions and techniques used may vary depending on the type of stains you wish to remove. Keep this in mind as it is essential to consult your dental specialist on what the most convenient and appropriate method is.

Mixed and home whitening

Currently there are several commercial brands that have launched their own line of products for teeth whitening. They work best in the long term and where stains are not very strong. Another alternative is the use of professional whitening products at home, but they must be recommended by a dentist after a consultation. Mixed treatments involve merging one professional treatment with one at home. It is one of the most common and recommended alternatives due to its rapid and remarkable results. It helps reduce or eliminate major stains, and although it requires commitment by the patient to go home and follow the instructions, their teeth will look whiter from the first session.

It is vital to seek the advice of a professional prior to any Teeth Whitening in South River, professional or home-based. This is necessary in finding out if you can subject yourself to treatment, what the risks are and what changes you should make in your daily habits.

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