What Can You Expect From Teeth Whitening in Totowa?

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Are you tired of looking at your dull and yellowed smile and wishing there was some way to regain the whiteness of your teeth? Many people seek treatment options to help remove the stains and discoloration that cause their teeth to look dull and lifeless. If you have tried at-home whitening kits, you have most likely seen the results are not satisfying. Not only do these kits not remove all of your staining problems, but they can also leave your teeth feeling sensitive for days, if not permanently. Since these kits contain silica, an ingredient much like sand, they can damage your teeth. For a safe Teeth Whitening in Totowa, you need to see your dentist and have a professional treatment.

When you first have your appointment, you will have your teeth carefully cleaned. The cleaning process removes the film from your teeth so the whitener can quickly begin removing stains. The whitener needs to be able to penetrate the enamel and then move into the dentin. The dentin is the inner layer of your enamel and holds onto many of the teeth stains you experience. This is why brushing and at-home whitening treatments do not work. They simply cannot penetrate these deep layers of the teeth.

During the Teeth Whitening in Totowa, the whitener will need to sit on your teeth for a certain period of time. The dentist will time the whitener, to achieve the whitening results you are after. Some people are able to achieve complete whitening in one treatment, but some people may need more treatments to truly get results. If the dentist feels you are a good candidate, there are other treatments, like bleaching and bonding that can remove severe stains and discolorations in the teeth.

If you are tired of your smile and want to improve the color of your teeth, you need a Teeth Whitening in Totowa treatment. Contact Little Falls Family Dental and make an appointment for a consultation today. They offer a wide array of dental services, to keep your family’s teeth healthy. They also have an Emergency Dentist, if you are in need of prompt dental care.

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