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by | Mar 21, 2012 | Dentists

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Dental crowns have a number of uses and functions in dentistry. When you are looking for a dental surgery that specializes in dental crows in Los Angeles, you need to ask about the level of experience of your dentist. Although it is not a time consuming procedure, you will have a much better result if you use a specialist dentist who offers dental crowns in Los Angeles.

Explaining Dental Crowns

A dentist who specializes in dental crowns in Los Angeles will advise you on the possibility of making use of dental crowns in your dental treatment. The most common reasons that dentists choose to use this type of treatment is in the repair of damaged teeth. Some dentists who provide dental crowns in Los Angeles also use them to support bridge work, or as a temporary crown when they are restoring your dental implants.
Your treatment will include the scraping away of the tiny layers of the damaged tooth and surrounding teeth. After making an impression, your dental crowns are prepared for fitment. A temporary crown will be used for a week or two and then the permanent dental crown will be glued into place.
Dental crowns are an effective treatment for teeth that cannot be repaired or are discolored. The dentist who provides dental crowns in Los Angeles will also advise you on proper care so you get a lifetime of use out of your dental work.

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