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by | Oct 19, 2021 | Dentists

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There are few things that are more painful than toothache. Dental problems do not happen just out of the blue. However, most people ignore the symptoms before it is too late. Only after they have been hit with unbearable pain do they start yelling for dentists. Fortunately, emergency dental care in Warrenville is just a phone call away at any time of the day and night.

Common tooth problems that require emergency dental treatment include toothache, fallen or knocked out crowns, swelling of the gums, chipped or fractured tooth, and broken dentures. Other problems include injuries to the teeth in accidents. While many of the problems are results of lack of oral hygiene and sugary diet, others are results of negligence, accidents and violence. Regardless of what may have caused the problem, dental problems need to be addressed immediately as they may lead to other complications.

Some of the most common emergency dental care in Warrenville includes toothache, swelling of the gum, injuries to teeth, fallen off or knocked out crown, fractured or chipped teeth, and broken dentures.

* Toothache: Everyone has toothache at least once in a lifetime, and it is caused by dental cavities, abscess and gum diseases. The treatment usually involves medication, cleaning of the decayed or decaying materials and restoration, root canal treatment and extraction. If the affected is extracted, then it is replaced with a dental bridges or implants.

* Swollen gum: Lack of oral hygiene, incorrect brushing methods and the gum diseases are the chief culprits behind swollen gums. Besides being painful, they can also cause bad breath which can be embarrassing. While mild irritation to the gum can be cured by rinsing the mouth with mouthwash and other homemade solutions, such as saltwater, severe cases need immediate attention of the dentist.

* Injured teeth: These occur as a result of physical violence and accidents. The affected tooth may be badly hit and displaced from its fixed position. An injured tooth is usually painful and accompanied by bleeding. If left untreated, the tooth may fall off or cause the gums to swell and affect other good teeth.

* Fallen off or knocked out crown: The top, white protective layer of the tooth is called the crown. Sometimes, it may fall off because of ignored tooth decay or because of being hit by a hard object. Without the crown, the tooth soon becomes infected by bacteria and microorganisms, resulting in the loss of the entire tooth. Because of this, a lost crown must immediately be replaced.

* Fractured or chipped tooth: A tooth is usually fractured or chipped when it is hit by a hard object during accidents and fights. If left untreated, it will soon create other problems leading to the loss of the entire tooth.

* Broken dentures: People who have lost all of their teeth rely on dentures to eat and speak. Dentures can be damaged or broken if dropped on the floor or stepped upon. Because they are so important, repairing or replacing broken dentures also falls under emergency dental care.

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