Tips on Choosing the Right Dental Insurance Plan for Your Family

by | Nov 6, 2023 | Dental Insurance

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Dental care can be expensive, and a comprehensive dental insurance package may be the difference between a beautiful smile and bad oral healthcare. Therefore, you need to understand how dental insurance works to get exhaustive coverage that will suit your needs at the best price.

Dental Plans

According to dental insurance plans Louisiana, there are two types of dental insurance plans. These are:

• The dental health maintenance Organizations, commonly abbreviated as DHMO

• The dental preferred provider organization, commonly abbreviated as DPPO

Differences between DHMO and DPPO

The primary difference between these two plans lies in the cost and choice of dentists. DHMO is offered at a lower cost, and copayments are applicable at the dentist’s facility. Nevertheless, the insurance holder must seek dental services from a pre-selected primary care dentist or facility. On the other hand, DPPO plans will be a bit pricier, but the insurance holder can choose between several dental service providers.

Another difference is that the DHMO plan focuses on preventative dental care through regular checkups. If you need specialized dental services, your primary care dentist must get a referral that shall be submitted for approval. The DPPO plan covers a wider choice of doctors, thus offering flexibility in seeking specialized services. The downside to the DPPO plan is that you will have to pay higher premiums and out-of-pocket costs.

Each plan comes with its limitations and benefits. You need to identify what your priority is and what you can compromise to get the best plan that works for you and your family. Contact dental insurance plans Louisiana today to start the journey towards a healthy smile.

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