Cosmetic Dentistry Services To Enhance Smiles For Life

by | Jan 24, 2017 | Cosmetic Dentistry

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An attractive smile can be just a couple oral procedures away with Cosmetic Dentistry Services. Dental implants create completely new smiles with fabricated teeth that look, feel and function as real teeth do. The steps for dental implant procedures are pretty straight forward. Patients need to first have a substructure implanted called titanium posts. The posts are a base for the new teeth that take the place of tooth roots. They are anchored to the bone of the jaw and need a few weeks to fuse to the bone. The implants are ready to be mounted to the posts after that step is complete. The dentist makes an impression of the mouth, so custom designed artificial teeth will be prepared in a lab while the posts fuse to the gums. Dental implants are durable and long lasting. A smile made from implants can be a lifetime reward.

Cosmetic Dentistry Services for teeth whitening removes stains that have penetrated into the deeper layers of enamel. This professional grade in-office teeth whitening procedure applies a gel and laser light to the teeth. When the light and gel react to each other, it lifts the molecules off the surface that have bonded stains to the teeth. The initial results from teeth whitening can last years before any touch up is required. Professional teeth whitening is a transformational procedure for former smokers, coffee drinkers and teeth that are just growing discolored due to time.

The gums are overlooked when it comes to the health of the oral makeup. The gums are in fact one of the most important facets of oral health. Unhealthy gums can ruin the health of teeth from infection. They are in direct connection with the tooth roots and enamel and contribute to status the of general oral health on a large scale. Gum disease prevention starts by avoiding gingivitis, which can lead to periodontal disease if it gets out of control. Plaque and tartar are most destructive to the gums. When the bacteria gets toxic enough, it can eat away at the gums and weaken tooth enamel. Proper dental care from a dentist and following instructions for personal oral health care prevents such diseases that are debilitating to health. To learn about more oral procedures, visit Website Domain.

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