Seeing a Local Family Dentistry Cedar Rapids, IA for Gum Swelling and Bleeding

by | Jan 22, 2017 | Dentist

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Periodontitis has several possible treatments that can lead to considerable success. A reliable Family Dentistry Cedar Rapids, IA should have modern materials and technologies at their disposal, all of which should allow for a complete recovery, something that was unimaginable just a few years back. The below text outlines a couple of the resources that dentists have at their disposal when it comes to treating periodontal issues.

Total mouth disinfection

The main goal of this procedure is to eliminate most, if not all, of the diseases of the gum and pockets. The oral cavity is washed out thoroughly, thus preventing the possibility of reinfection. These treatments are carried out with antibacterial protection. During this, the dentist will use tools like ultrasonic scales and curettage to ensure the process in completely accurately.

Open curettage

During open curettage, the specialist will remove the inflamed tissue from below the gum and the deeply encrusted tartar that the dentist did not have access to beforehand. This procedure is generally used if the treatment beforehand does not provide a satisfactory result. It is customary to open the deep pockets by more than 5 mm, in which case it is possible to use regenerative materials. No matter what treatment is used in treating deep and vertical bone pockets, it is crucial to choose a treatment from a reputable family dentistry in Cedar Rapids, IA. Visit Website domain for more details.


Due to frequent inflammation of the gum, incorrect tooth brushing, anterior orthodontic prosthesis or anatomical circumstances, the gingiva may be withdrawn. This may cause significant sensitivity to the teeth in many patients, but can also cause esthetic disadvantages to the frontal teeth. Treatment of gingival recession is not possible without corrective surgery, and the condition of the bone must be taken into account when planning the procedure. If the deterioration of the bone surrounding the tooth is great, one cannot achieve total gum recession coverage. It is for this reason that dentists tell each patient to not wait for the damage to become irreversible before seeking help.

Knowing what procedure to undergo is important. Finding the right dentist to perform said procedure is even more crucial. Click Here for more information about professional family dentistry in Cedar Rapids, IA.

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