Benefits of Visiting an Office of Cosmetic Dentistry in Bergen County, NJ for Teeth Whitening

by | Mar 26, 2019 | Cosmetic Dentistry

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People who are unhappy with how their teeth look will often look for ways to correct the problem. This is especially true for those people who have teeth that are stained or otherwise discolored. Today, there are many whitening products on the market, which claim to be able to enable a person to resolve this type of problem from their own home. Unfortunately, these products cannot always produce the best results and in many cases, it might be better for a person to consider visiting an office of cosmetic dentistry in Bergen County, NJ.

A professional dentist can often help patient in dealing with stains or discoloration of their teeth in a way that is much more efficient and effective. This is because a dentist is able to obtain and use very highly concentrated whitening products. These professional quality products can result in teeth, which are much whiter and in a shorter amount of time. This can be a great benefit from most people in this situation.

When a person visits an office of Cosmetic Dentistry in Bergen County, NJ, the first thing the dentist will generally want to do is have the patient’s teeth professionally cleaned. Next, they will fit a special dental tray to the patient’s mouth to use in the whitening process. Either the whitening gel will be painted on or the tray will be filled with the product and then placed on the teeth. A laser or heat lamp will be used to further active the gel so that the product begins to change form so that it is able to get inside the pores of the teeth where the stains and discoloration is located. The product will attack these particles. This will eliminate them from the tooth and allow more light to shine through the tooth. This will result in teeth that look whiter and brighter as well.

Most people will notice an immediate change in the color of their teeth. While some may only require one visit, others may need to come for a series of treatments over a short period of time. Once the process is complete, the teeth should continue to look bright and beautiful for a long time. This can be a great advantage for most people who wish to enhance the look of their teeth and their smile.

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