Do You Need to Visit Dentists in Indianapolis IN for Dental Bonding?

by | Apr 10, 2019 | Dentist

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If you regularly visit dentists in Indianapolis IN for check-ups and discover that the condition of your teeth is deteriorating, it is important that you act fast. Coffee, red wine and smoking can discolor the teeth, while a poor dental regime can cause fractures, decay and chips. Neglecting the teeth can have devastating results but by visiting reliable dentists in Indianapolis IN for dental bonding, you can restore the appearance of your teeth in a single session. Bonding is a tooth-colored deposit that has similar results to veneers however, this process is much less time consuming and can be customized to each individual patient. So, is this the treatment for you?


Just like any other dental procedure performed by dentists in Indianapolis IN, you should prepare for bonding. This is one of the most straightforward procedures made available by dentists and because composite resin is so malleable, the final result will look extremely natural. Discolored or chipped teeth can be restored to a brilliant condition when dental bonding is completed and although no physical preparation is required by the patient, the dentist will advise you to mentally prepare for the change in appearance. Don’t worry though, because you will have a Hollywood smile when the bonding process is complete.


There are many ways in which dental bonding can change the overall appearance of the teeth. When you first visit the dentists in Indianapolis IN you can discuss your needs and this will enable you to get the best result possible. Bonding can be used to fill in gaps between the teeth, enhance the appearance of discolored teeth, lengthen the teeth, alter the color of teeth or even change the overall shape. You may even consider bonding as an alternative to a filling.


Before the dentists in Indianapolis IN can perform dental bonding, they will need to match the color of your teeth with the color of the composite resin. After the suitable color has been selected, the dentist must etch the surface of the teeth. The reason for this is because the bonding material sticks better when the surface of the tooth is rough. Once the composite resin has been molded to your personal requirements, an ultraviolet light will be used to strengthen the bond. When it is completely hardened the dentist will shape it and provide you with follow-up procedures, to ensure the condition of the bonds stay good. You should avoid drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes two days after you get bonding completed, because this could cause stains. Regular visits to the dentist are recommended.

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