Your Cosmetic Dentist Can Help You To Regain A Confident Smile

by | Apr 11, 2018 | Dentist

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Do you feel insecure about smiling? If so, then know that you’re not alone, and many patients suffer from the same insecurity. This is why a cosmetic dentist in Wicker Park will consult with you, recommending treatments for a variety of tooth issues that cause insecurity about socializing or smiling.

Your teeth are too big or small

One of the most common reasons why patients experience insecurities about their teeth is due to size. They worry that their teeth are either too small, making them look immature, or their teeth look too big.

In both instances, a cosmetic dentist in Wicker Park can measure the patient’s mouth before making a recommendation to cosmetically alter the teeth. Small teeth can be built up, and nowadays, it’s common for patients with small teeth to ask for dental veneers.

On the other hand, teeth that appear to be too large for the mouth can be shaved down. This allows the scale of the teeth, the gums, and the smile to look balanced, and more attractive.

Your teeth are broken or chipped

Not only do chipped or broken teeth cause patients to experience insecurity, but they’re bad for the patient’s oral health. This is because the injury point can allow bacteria to enter past the teeth’s dentin easier, since the protective enamel has been destroyed.

Fortunately, a cosmetic dentist in Wicker Park is able to correct these issues. They’ll create a resin that seals chips and cracks. Broken teeth can also be rebuilt with the dental material, restoring teeth back to their natural state.

Your teeth are discolored

Your teeth can become discolored due to several reasons. Examples include prescription medication, smoking, drinking dark wine, and the aging process. Regardless of why your teeth might be discolored, a cosmetic dentist can discuss teeth bleaching solutions that are best for your needs and your financial budget.

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