Why All The Fuss Over One’s Smile?

Once upon a time in fairy tales there were beautiful princesses and the like who were so happy most of the time that they spent much of their lives going round with a beautiful smile on their faces. That is fairy tale where most things have a happy ending.

Life Is No Fairy Tale

If you could go back to the beginnings of our human history; you would find that life back then was certainly no fairy tale and you would not see many smiles on the people’s faces. Their lives were a tough fight for survival leaving few moments to be happy; let alone smiling.

Furthermore, dental hygiene did not really exist and there was no such thing as dentistry. Therefore, it would follow that most people had teeth problems – crooked teeth, missing teeth, broken teeth, stained teeth, etc, etc. So, if they ever found cause to smile; people from today would think of it more as a grimace or even a snarl.

The Mona Lisa

Fortunately, over millennia, the quality of human life improved and people had more time in which to be happy and this did encourage more of them to smile for pleasure. However, by the time that Leonardo da Vinci painted what is probably the world’s most famous smile in the early 1500’s; oral hygiene and dentistry were still somewhat primitive. This may be why the Mona Lisa’s famed smile exposes no teeth and is somewhat tight lipped; leading to its enigmatic appearance. However, there is a certain quality to her eyes that do make us think that she really is smiling.

The Eyes Have It

Even today, many people are of the opinion that the eyes are just as important as the lips and teeth when it comes to judging the quality of anyone’s smile. Being a facial expression; the act of smiling requires us to flex the muscles around our mouth. However, on its own this can be perceived as being false – unless we also contract the muscles at the corners of our eyes. Exposing our teeth heightens the impact of the smile.

Are Your Teeth Fit For Exposure?

It does not really matter where you live; but, let’s say you hail from North Center, Chicago. When a photographer says “Smile Please” do you feel comfortable having your teeth preserved on film for posterity? If you always practice good dental hygiene and make regular visits to a Dentist In North Center you should be able to face a camera with every confidence. However, if you have been lax in this respect; maybe now is the time to make an appointment with Polished A Dental Studio?


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