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by | Aug 20, 2015 | Dental Implants

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People who struggle with tooth stains and discoloration often do not feel confident about the appearance of their smile. Unfortunately, these issues can cause a person’s smile to look less attractive and prevent them from making the best first impression. Thankfully, the dentist has a procedure that can help people restore the beauty of their smile through a Teeth Whitening Service in Smithtown NY. With a teeth whitening procedure, a person can finally have the beautifully white teeth they long for.

Teeth whitening procedures are carried out to remove the yellowing, browning and discoloration that occur because of the foods and beverages people eat and smoking. The main ingredient in the whitening treatment is hydrogen peroxide, a much stronger one than people can find in their medicine cabinet. This whitening solution is painted on the teeth so it can bubble deep into the tooth dentin and begin to break up the stains and cause them to be bubbled out.

Each treatment removes more and more stains until the whitest teeth are revealed. Most people will need one more than one Teeth Whitening Service in Smithtown NY, depending on their age and the degree of staining.

When a patient first consults with their dentist about teeth whitening treatments, the dentist may be able to give them an estimate on the amount of treatments that will be needed. Once the patient’s teeth have reached their desired level of whitening, the dentist will help to instruct the patient on how to care for their teeth so the results will last as long as two years.

To keep the teeth whitened between visits, the dentist will sometimes refer their patient to use a whitening protocol at home. This protocol may include a special toothpaste, rinse or whitening tray. These treatments can keep a person’s smile beautifully white until their next whitening treatment at the dentist.

Michael Kampourakis DDS offers his patients the full dental treatments they need with the gentle, caring attention they deserve. Call the office today and schedule your appointment to get started on a whiter, more beautiful smile.

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