When to Seek Treatment for Gum Disease With Your Dentist in Central West End

by | May 15, 2014 | dentistry

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If you feel like you’ve been fighting a losing battle with bad breath lately, you might want to consult with your Dentist in Central West End to see if there is an underlying issue. Although bad breath can have many causes, including digestive issues or throat infections, chronic bad breath can also be a sign of gum disease, which can be serious if left untreated.

Statistics show that most people will get some form of gum disease in their lifetime, so chances are pretty good that you either have or will one day have it. Diagnosing gum disease can be tricky, however, because it often shows no symptoms in the beginning. There are a few warning signs you can keep an eye out for, and in the meantime, be sure to continue practicing good oral hygiene until you can get in to see your Dentist in Central West End.

In addition to bad breath, one of the first indications of gum disease is a visual change in the color of the gums. If the gums are red and tender to the touch and there is no other explanation as to why, you will want to make an appointment with Forest Park Dental as soon as possible to rule out gum disease or get treatment. Gums that bleed from routine brushing is another possible sign of gum disease. If your gums occasionally bleed from brushing, make sure you are using a soft toothbrush and continue to brush and floss regularly, because excess bacteria may exacerbate the problem. Not taking care of gum disease in its early stages can also lead to receding gums. When gums recede, the teeth may look longer than they used to. Receding gums are not only unsightly, but it is an indication that that gums are diseased and are having a problem functioning correctly. Not getting treatment at this stage could end up in eventual tooth loss.

If you notice any of the above symptoms, it is important for you to seek treatment with Dentist Eric J. Aubert at Forest Park Dental, but there is no need to panic, because gum disease is very treatable in its early stages.

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