Little Known Information about Dental Implants in Birmingham

by | May 17, 2014 | Dentist

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Dental Implants in Birmingham allow you to recover lost teeth after injuries or other life circumstances. The lack of teeth is not only an aesthetic flaw, it can bring serious health issues as well. For example, it can be impossible for some to eat certain products because of pain. Qualitatively made prosthetics allow a person, at any age, to keep all the possibilities for a bright and busy life, while not worrying about dental treatment.

Here is some useful information about dental implants that you should keep in mind. Dental implant methodology and dental implant technology are two very different things.

*      A very popular choice is the express implantation, which may be explained by the fact that this medical manipulation takes no more than one day. This procedure is a one-step implantation, which allows you to virtually eliminate any negative effects.

*     Surgical implantation is a complex process requiring a massive amount doctor’s professionalism and experience. This is especially important because your dentist should be very skilled when it comes to placing implants directly into the bone. This operation is usually performed under local anesthesia. This method has one important advantage – it allows you to conduct successful implantations on people who have no teeth at all.

*     Laser implantation is a fairly quick procedure, which has a number of advantages. This kind of implantation procedure takes no more than 30 minutes. Using a laser significantly reduces healing time after implantation, and also provides absolute sterility and bloodlessness.

*     Integrated implantation also has a lot of features that make it very popular.

*     Non-surgical implantation is a gentle method that significantly reduces the traumatic effect on the gums, and hence significantly reduces pain.

*     Tapered implant – the most common, mainly because it is used in a sufficient amount of bone tissue.

*     Combined Dental Implants in Birmingham are used when there are serious defects in the jaw structure.

*     Subperiosteal implants are used when there is an acute shortage of bone tissue.

*     Intramucosal implants are used less frequently, but they are also quite reliable because their installation is completely non-traumatic.

Prior to implantation, it is necessary to analyze the physiological characteristics of the person and, depending on those, choose the most suitable implant. The doctor will examine the patient and identify the structural features of the jaw bone. For more information, set up an appointment and Meet Dr. Anglin & Dr. Nelson today.




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