What To Expect From Your Farmingdale Implant Dentist

by | May 27, 2013 | Dentists

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A healthy smile is something that many people desire, and based on the amount of media attention that is given to the quest for beautiful teeth, it’s easy to see that society expects nothing less. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to enjoy an effortlessly beautiful set of teeth, and that’s when most people decide to explore their options for care and treatment. Whether you’re dealing with a cosmetic fix or tending to missing permanent teeth, or reestablishing your dentition after an extraction or a fractured tooth, the first step is seeking an implant dentist farmingdale or an emergency dentist in Farmingdale for a thorough consultation.

Dental implants play a very significant role in oral health by stabilizing existing teeth or denture structures, replacing missing teeth, basically acting as replacements where a tooth should be. After you have seen a dentist and it has been determined by your Implant Dentist Farmingdale that implants are the ideal treatment for you, the plan of care will be developed and you’ll be given information about what you can expect from your treatment, procedure and recovery. Since these implants are custom-built to the unique measurements and dimensions of your mouth, there is generally a fair amount of time in between planning and the actual procedure of placing the implants. Treatment is generally separated into two phases, with the actual procedure taking up to several hours depending on the extent of work involved and number of implants being placed.

Since this procedure is done on an outpatient basis at the office of your Implant Dentist Farmingdale, you have the advantages and benefits of your provider tending to you before, during, and after the surgery, thus maintaining good continuity of care. Your emergency dentist in farmingdale can also act to treat any postoperative issues that may arise, such as pain or infection, as well as providing with follow up and ongoing treatment to ensure that you maintain optimum oral health. Once your new implants are affixed and your site is healed, you can expect to enjoy a more attractive smile, as well as improved tolerance of your favorite food and drink.

Since maintaining oral health is a lifelong practice and not limited to just one procedure, it’s important to continue the relationship with your dentist to ensure a healthy, attractive mouth for many years to come, as well as to preserve your brand new implants.

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