Getting a Fee Schedule from Your Dentist in Northeast Minneapolis

by | May 28, 2013 | Dentist

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The fact is that dental care can be quite expensive. Today, the average cost of a root canal and crown is nearly $3000 – this can be higher or lower depending upon where you live. A simple tooth extraction can be $300 and a filling can cost over $100. What’s worse, is that your insurance is only likely to cover about $1500 worth of care a year. If you have healthy teeth, this is more than enough. If you have one serious tooth problem, this likely won’t cover even a portion of your care.

These are the reasons why it’s so important to understand the fee schedule of a Dentist Northeast Minneapolis. Now, what’s interesting about dentists in general, is that they don’t typically put their prices on their websites – even though they have a base fee structure. The bottom line is that they want you to come in so they can determine the extent of your needs before giving you a price. If, however, you want to get a fee schedule for a dentist’s different services, all you have to do is ask.

It’s important to understand that any fee sheet you receive from a Dentist Northeast Minneapolis will be general information. There’s no way for a dentist to tell you sight unseen whether you have an abscess or whether your tooth that needs a root canal is also going to need a core build up, this is something that can only be determined after you make an appointment.

This, however, shouldn’t prevent you from researching the base fees offered by different dentists. A comparison of these fees will go a long way towards helping you to decide which dentist can offer you the most affordable care. You’ll also quickly discover which dentist(s) are charging far more than the average rate as well.

Having a good dentist is good for your teeth, which is good for you. By comparing the fee schedule of one Dentist Northeast Minneapolis to another, you can ensure that if you need a particular kind of care, you will be able to afford the fees that your dentist charges. To get this information, simply call some local dentists and ask them to send you their fees.

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