What Mundelein Dental Patients Need to Know About Caring for Dental Crown Work

by | Oct 15, 2019 | Dentist

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Dental crowns are wonderful for restoring the look of damaged teeth and keeping them safe from more damage. Now that you have your first dental crown in Mundelein, it’s important to take care of it. The process won’t be as difficult as many people think. Put these three tips to good use and that crown will hold up well for a long time.

Brush and Floss Regularly

Much of the process of caring for the crown is just like the steps needed to keep your teeth in good shape. Continue to brush after each meal. If it’s difficult to brush after lunch, at least rinse out your mouth. This will help keep residue from collecting on and around the crown. Flossing is also key to protecting the crown. Floss daily. Make it a part of your morning routine or set aside time for flossing after the evening meal and before bedtime.

Be Aware of How the Tooth Reacts to Hot or Cold Beverages

Many Mundelein residents experience no discomfort when enjoying hot or cold beverages. Be mindful of how your crowned tooth reacts when you have something to drink. If you notice that the discomfort is significant, talk to your dentist. There may be something else that can be done to ensure the tooth and the dental crown from a Mundelein dentist don’t cause further distress.

Biting Hard Candies or Chewing Ice Is off the Table

You already knew that biting on hard candies or chewing on ice was bad for your teeth. Now you have another reason to avoid these habits. Activities like these are rough on any type of dental crown. If you don’t want to have the crown break down or loosen suddenly, don’t do either of these things again.

Whether you need dental crowns in the Mundelein area or some other type of dental work, the team at North Suburban Dental of Highland Park is here for you. Visit online to get started with a plan for your dental health that’s comprehensive and ensures your teeth are always in the best condition possible.

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