Reasons to See Your Local Cosmetic Dentistry in Southington CT

by | Oct 17, 2019 | Dental Services

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There could be several reasons to get your teeth removed. It may be that a tooth was damaged in an accident, decomposition has set in or some other reason is behind the extraction. Wisdom tooth extraction is a very common tooth removal procedure performed by dentists. These professionals may also extract teeth in order to provide cosmetic dental services, improving the overall appearance of teeth. Your local Cosmetic Dentistry in Southington CT have many services that can improve your smile.

Dental implants are considered a prominent solution in cosmetic dentistry. The implant is designed with titanium (in most cases), which is placed in the jaw and supported by the root, capped by the cover of the implant itself with a crown. The implant is self-supporting for broken teeth, which does not need the support of any adjacent teeth. If there is more than one tooth missing, it is better to have a bridge in place across the teeth. Dentures can also be used, but the transition is not as great in most situations.

Cosmetic dentistry removes staining, straightness issues, distortion problems, gaps veneers, placement of crowns and bridges, gum lifting and several other dental problems. Implants are a part of the procedural list in Cosmetic Dentistry in Southington CT, as well. These doctors also remove wisdom teeth, especially in the early stages because it gives the other teeth the much needed space required for the jaw to grow. But, there is no vital work being done by any of these teeth anyway.

Lots of people around the world have teeth problems. For this very reason, they may not be able to live a normal life due to toothaches or missing teeth taking up a large gap in their personality. The best solution is often found in Cosmetic Dentistry in Southington CT. The services provided by these experts can breathe new life into your teeth, stopping the progression of tooth problems, providing aesthetic treatments to improve your overall look. For more information about cosmetic dental treatments or any dental issues, contact your dentist in Southington CT today and ask for a consultation.

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