Ways that Crowns in Oklahoma City Are Used With Dental Implants

One of the main ways that dentist can use dental Crowns in Oklahoma City is through dental implants treatments. In the past when a patient had lost only a single tooth, it could be a bit difficult to find a way to replace the missing tooth so that it was stable and looked natural in the mouth. Today dental implants make it possible to replace the tooth with a single crown that can be secure in the mouth and avoid many of the issues other types of treatments could cause.

Many times when a person lost a single tooth through an accident, injury or other type of issue, a dentist would need to use a bridge to cover the missing tooth. Bridges worked by attaching a dental appliance to two of the patient’s healthy teeth to help in covering up the area with a natural looking replacement tooth. While this could be a good solution for many situations, overtime it could begin to create problems of its own. Since the bridge was prone to move and shift about in the mouth, it could put pressure on the healthy teeth. After a period of time, this could cause the healthy teeth to become loose and sometimes they might even fall out, resulting in even more issues for the patient.

Dental implants can avoid this type of issues. When a patient visits a dentist such as those at Baumann and Lanman Dentistry, the dentist will begin the procedure by surgically implanting a biocompatible rod into the patient’s jawbone. The rod will then bond with the jawbone. This process called osseointegration can take several months but it will result in a stable rod to which a dentist will be able to attach a dental appliance, such as Crowns in Oklahoma City. The crown will look and feel natural. Because it is permanently affixed to the rod, it will not be able to slip or fall out of the mouth. In addition, since the crown is attached to the rod and not other teeth, there are no chances that it will cause the teeth in near it any types of issues or problems. For many patients this can be the ideal choice for replacing a missing tooth and restoring not only their eating and speaking capabilities but their smile as well.


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