Staying cool is important for teens

by | Nov 15, 2013 | dentistry

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An orthodontist in Massapequa NY was once considered as the mortal enemy, the guy who installed the “tin grin”, the ultimate in “nerd wear.” Today, technology has eliminated the need for all the wires, brackets and head gear, today the orthodontist is a teen’s best friend as now when they have the need for orthodontic care, they walk out with a fashion accessory.

Everyone knows that image is everything with teens and now there is a wide array of orthodontic devices that help with image when there is no option but to get orthodontic care. Today there are rainbow colored wires and bands that can be changed at any time, clear or tooth colored brackets and the newest device called Invisalign.

Instead of an array of wires and brackets the Invisalign device is a clear aligner. These aligners are worn continuously for about two weeks. They can be removed when it is time to eat, brush and floss but they are left in place at all times other than those. After two weeks the teen uses another device, each time they use a new one the teeth move little by little, eventually ending up in the position that has been set as the orthodontist in Massapequa NY as ideal. These devices are quite convenient for teens as well as their parents who are often very busy.

1. There is only a need to visit the orthodontist once every six weeks when a new set of Invisalign aligners are picked up and that the treatment is going as planned.

2. The aligners are clear and fit comfortably, this makes wearing them ideal for those teens who are involved in sports which are often interfered with when traditional wire and bracket braces are worn.

3. They allow for much easier oral hygiene as they can easily be removed for brushing and flossing.

To the fashion conscious teen these conveniences do not mean near as much as the fact that these devices are as good as invisible when being worn. Obviously the teen does not want to have attention drawn to them as teens often just simply want to be like the rest of the gang. With the features of Invisalign and the wild range of colors available with conventional braces, the teen can choose to blend in or stand out, whatever turns them on while having their teeth straightened to perfection.

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