Warming Children up to Professional Oral Care with a Kids’ Dentist in Haymarket Va

by | Jul 23, 2015 | Dental Services

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Good oral health practices should be encouraged in childhood. Children should have their first visit at 12 months of age. One way to start is setting a good example with parents following the same oral care regimen they teach. Children with a full set of teeth and adults should brush twice a day. Even before the first teeth sprout, infants should have gums cleaned with a soft washcloth after feeding. When children come in for their first visit, the Kids’ dentist in Haymarket Va area examines the mouth to see if teeth are developing normally with no abnormalities. They check to see if the jaw is growing properly. Parents get instructions for any special oral care their child may need.

Before children go to the dentist for the first time, they should know what to expect. Parents should let their children know what kind of dental tools they’ll see in the office and what they’re used for, why it’s important to see the dentist and what the dentist does during an exam. Fearing the unknown is one reason a child may feel uneasy when visiting the dentist for the first time. Giving them as much information as possible addresses their concerns.

One type of special care that a Kids’ dentist in Haymarket Va prescribes is sealant protection. It’s additional care for cracks in between teeth in areas that are harder to reach. Those parts of the teeth can eventually develop cavities due to limited access. Sealants protect unreachable areas. It’s made of plastic resin and placed in the tooth grooves. The sealants create a smoother surface in the cracks of the teeth. Food can’t get trapped in the cracks as easily and the risk of decay is significantly reduced.

A Kids’ dentist had additional study in school concentrating on oral care for children. They have more extensive knowledge and experience in treating dental issues concerning children. Most pediatric dental offices have child-friendly atmospheres as well. They know how to interact well with children and make them feel comfortable in the office. This is why a pediatric dentist can be more beneficial to children than a general dentist.

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