Facts about Dental Bridges in Ferndale WA

by | Jul 23, 2015 | Dental Services

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Today, there are many treatment options for people who have lost teeth due to an accident or any oral problem. One of the most used is the Dental Bridges Ferndale WA. This option is made with the help of crowns. One is supported on the adjacent healthy tooth while sticking to the edentulous (empty) space. This bridge can be made from different materials: ceramic, gold or porcelain.

Benefits and risks of dental bridges

The procedure for receiving a dental bridge usually involves more than one visit to ensure proper fixation. The first step is to prepare the natural teeth so they can receive crowns. This usually requires the removal of the enamel and reforming the tooth. Once this step is performed, impressions of teeth are made and sent to a lab, where the bridge is manufactured in a personalized way. If the bridge is fabricated with the CEREC system, the prosthesis will be ready within 90 minutes so that it may be placed during the same visit. If, by contrast, it is made outside of the clinic, the dentist will place a temporary bridge to protect teeth and the patient will receive the final bridge on the next visit. In both cases, the dentist will ensure that the bridge is firmly fastened, allowing you to chew naturally.

Take care of your dental bridge

Once the patient has received a dental bridge, it is important that they brush their teeth and floss daily, in addition to visiting the dentist regularly. Plaque accumulation under Dental Bridges Ferndale WA, particularly at the base of the crown, can cause decay and periodontal disease. To prevent these infections, each person should use the correct brushing technique and the dentist may recommend he or she use a specific floss or interdental brush. Obviously, professional cleanings are also crucial so plaque does not accumulate. To know more, visit website.

One of the biggest advantages of receiving a dental bridge is the confidence it gives the wearer. As with other restorative options like dental implants, bridges mark the difference between a person who feels insecure because they are missing a tooth, and a person who can chew and smile comfortably. If you want to feel good about your smile, contact local dental clinics and have them give you more information about dental bridges. You can also contact Frere Smile Design to learn more.

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