Understanding Using IV Sedation Cincinnati for your Dental Procedures

by | Jan 3, 2014 | Dental Services

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IV sedation is the process of using a drug, which is inserted directly into the bloodstream, to relax a patient during a dental procedure. There are a number of dentist offices that utilize IV Sedation Cincinnati for patients that have extreme anxiety or fear in relation to dental visits. Dental offices usually refer to these procedures as twilight sleep or sleep dentistry.

The Reality of IV Sedation Cincinnati

The term IV sedation may be a bit confusing, especially since you will likely remain conscious during the process. You will also have the ability to respond and understand what your dentist is saying. However, you are likely to have very few memories of the actual procedure due to the deep state of relaxation that you are in and that the drugs that are used for the procedure produce a full or partial memory loss until the medication wears off.

Additional Painkiller Requirements with IV Sedation

The actual drugs that are used for IV sedation are not types of painkillers; however, there are some dentists that will add the pain killing drugs to the mix. They will help you to relax and forget the procedure, but you will still need numbing drugs to kill the discomfort that is felt with some dental procedures.

How IV Sedation is Administered

The term intravenous actually means that something is put into your vein. In this case a thin needle is placed in a vein that is close to the surface of your skin in either the back of your hand or your arm. Then the needle is replaced with a very soft and flexible tube, which will administer the drugs into your bloodstream.

The entire time that you are under the effects of IV sedation at your dentist you will have your oxygen levels and pulse measured to ensure that nothing is going wrong with the procedure. IV sedation is the perfect option for any person that has anxiety or fear in relation to dental visits, as it can help you relax and completely forget the procedure that you have completed to enhance your smile.

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