The Zoom Teeth Whitening Method Provides Natural Looking White Teeth

by | Jul 13, 2015 | Dentist

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Yellow and dingy teeth can make a person look much older. It’s not surprising that Teeth Whitening procedures are the most often requested cosmetic dentistry treatments. People can opt for in-home whitening trays that can take up to two weeks to show results. They can also choose to make an appointment for an in-office teeth whitening procedure that will only take an hour. The Zoom whitening method restores teeth to their natural color. Therefore, the amount of whitening depends upon the original color of the tooth. This is the perfect technique for someone who wants natural looking white teeth.

The Zoom Teeth Whitening method uses 25 percent hydrogen peroxide gel. It is spread over the teeth and then activated by a special ultraviolet light. While it is a very safe procedure, the patient’s eyes, lips, and gums are completely covered during the procedure to protect them. After 15 minutes, the whitening gel is removed. This is usually repeated two additional times. However, the dentist will allow the patient to look at their teeth between treatments. If the patient feels his teeth are sufficiently white, he can stop at any time. The hydrogen peroxide gel and ultraviolet light whiten teeth by breaking down stains within the teeth. They do not bleach the actual enamel. This is why the teeth look natural and not like a strip of Chiclet gum squares.

For best results, the patient should have a dental cleaning just prior to the tooth whitening procedure. The hydrogen peroxide gel can’t penetrate plaque and food debris. After the whitening procedure, the patient’s teeth will be dehydrated. Over the next few days, the teeth will regain moisture. Tooth color can change during this time. Patients also have to be aware that the pores in the teeth are open for a few days after the procedure. It is very easy for them to be stained by food during this period. The dentist will give them a list of foods to avoid.

Carrier Dentistry is one of the Grand Prairie dental practices that provide Zoom tooth whitening procedures. The practice is dedicated to providing Gentle dentistry for your entire family. They use modern equipment and provided individualized services tailored to the needs of each patient.

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