Does Your Smile Need Dental Crowns in Garden City NY?

by | Jul 7, 2015 | Dental Care

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The dentist’s number one goal is to protect his patients’ smiles, so they are healthy and strong. When dental concerns arise, the dentists do all they can to use the best methods of treatment to ensure their patient’s teeth and gums stay healthy. One of the treatments used to protect a damaged tooth is dental crowns in Garden City NY. Dental crowns surround a tooth with protection so further damage can be avoided, and the patient can retain their normal tooth function.

When a dentist decides to protect teeth with Dental Crowns in Garden City NY, the patient first comes in for the tooth preparation portion of the process. The dentist will make impressions of the tooth to send to the dental lab. Some dentists have an on-site dental lab while others may have the work done in an off-site lab. Those with on-site labs are typically able to provide their patients with their finished dental crown on the same day.

The preparation of the tooth involves shaping and making it smaller so it can fit inside the crown. When the dentist is finished with the tooth, it often resembles a peg shape. Shaping the tooth in this fashion prevents further damage and makes the tooth strong enough for normal function.

When the crown has been prepared, the dentist will conduct a dry fitting to ensure the crown fits precisely. A precise fit is needed to ensure no food or drink can enter under the crown and cause irritation or decay. Once the dentist has checked the fit, the crown can be adhered in place so it will last for up to fifteen years. Those who carefully maintain their crown may be able to avoid needing a new crown for a longer period of time.

With a crown in place, a person’s smile will look much more attractive and will stay functioning normally. Those who are in need of a crown should Meet Dr. Grossman. He is a dentist who works to ensure his patients are able to keep a healthy smile for life. Call the office and schedule a consultation to learn more about the services he offers.

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