The Top Reasons You Need to See a Dentist Fast

There are many reasons you need to see a dentist, and many symptoms too. In order to enjoy great oral healthcare, you should visit with dentists in Ajax on a regular basis. When you find the dentist that makes you comfortable be sure to schedule an appointment fast if you suffer from any clear symptoms that your oral health is in danger.

Your Mouth or Jaw Hurts

This symptom may seem obvious. However, it is important that it is not ignored or just medicated to avoid going to see your dentist. The pain could be caused from a toothache. A toothache is actually another indicator of problems like cavities that signal gum disease. In other cases, a toothache could be an indication of an impacted tooth or abscess. No matter what is causing the pain, your dentist can effectively treat it so you stay healthy and your tooth does not die.

Your Gums Are Sore or Bleeding

Sore or bleeding gums could be a sign of gingivitis, or a new flossing routine was started, or you could just be brushing your teeth too hard. The only way to find out why they are sore or bleeding is to see your dentist and have your gums examined. They will be able to provide the proper treatment and help you understand why they were bleeding.

Your Teeth Are Sensitive

Do your teeth hurt if you drink cold or hot beverages? Does chewing ice cause great pain and make you cringe? If so, you could have sensitive teeth. Often times teeth become sensitive due to tooth decay, worn fillings, fractured teeth, worn tooth enamel, gum recession, gum disease or an exposed tooth root. The source of sensitivity needs dental treatment right away. If your teeth are sensitive, make an appointment to have your teeth checked soon. No matter what the symptoms may be, when you feel that your oral health is in jeopardy, speak with your dentist about proper dental care so you remain happy and healthy.


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