The Importance Of A Full Service Family Dentist In Mississauga

by | Oct 28, 2014 | Dental Care

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When you’re looking for a dentist, it’s important that you find one that can take care of the dental needs of your entire family. This includes preventative care, cosmetic dentistry and emergency dental care. Below you’ll learn why it’s important to have a full service Family Dentist Cooper City who performs all of these procedures.

Preventative Care

Preventative dentistry includes a twice yearly examination, cleaning and polishing. During a routine exam, your dentist will examine your teeth for signs of decay, gum disease and any other tooth problems. If you have a cavity, you’ll have to schedule an appointment to have your cavity filled. If you have gum disease, your dentist may want you to come back at a later date for root planing or scaling. These preventative measures will ensure that your teeth stay healthy for many years.

Cosmetic Dentistry

If you have chipped, broken or fractured teeth, you’ll need a Dentist in Mississauga who performs cosmetic dentistry. These types of procedures may include bonding, veneers or crowns. When you have missing teeth, you may want to have dental implants to improve your smile and to help you eat. Your dentist will perform a surgical procedure to anchor the implants into your jawbone. After you have your implants in place, they’ll function and look just like natural teeth.

Another type of cosmetic dental procedure you may request, if you have discolored teeth, is teeth whitening. Your Dentist in Mississauga can whiten your teeth in about one hour and you’ll immediately notice a difference in the color of your teeth.

Emergency Care

If you accidentally get a tooth knocked out, you’ll need to visit an emergency dentist. A dentist who practices emergency dental care can often place the missing tooth back into the socket and save the tooth. When you get a tooth knocked out, keep the root of the tooth moistened until you can get to the dental office. Keeping your tooth moist will increase the chances of saving the tooth.

Visit Cape May Family Dental for preventative dental care, cosmetic dentistry and emergency dental services. For more information about their services schedule an appointment.

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