Are Partial Dentures The Answer? Talk To Your Dentist in Calgary

by | Oct 28, 2014 | Dental Care

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A partial denture can be a good solution when you have lost one or more teeth. If none of your teeth can be preserved, a complete prosthesis may be what you’re looking for. If you have further questions, you should contact your local Dentist in Barrington.

A partial or complete prosthesis?

A prosthesis is a replacement for missing teeth. If you have lost one or a more teeth, a partial denture may be a good solution. A partial denture can also be used even if you only have a few teeth left. The partial is better than a complete prosthesis and it takes up less space. Even a single tooth prosthesis can be useful. Many think that you might as well pull the rest of your teeth if you only have a few left; however, this is completely wrong. So, before you decide to pull the last of your teeth, it is very important the Dentist in Barrington examines your particular situation to determine whether it would be beneficial to maintain each of them.

Can prosthetic teeth be seen?

All denture teeth are manufactured according to lifelike colors and shapes, which means the emergency dentist at dental office can almost always find teeth that are similar to your own. For example, if you had a single dark tooth, this can also be mimicked on the prosthesis, if you wish. If you have many fillings, gold posts or crowns, it can also be recreated on the new prosthesis. Dentures can now be made so lifelike that no one will notice that you have false teeth.

A prosthesis should be kept clean

Whether you have a partial or complete prosthesis, it should be kept clean like natural teeth. If you still have teeth in the back, brush them well to avoid dental disease. The prosthesis must be removed when it needs to be brushed. The Dentist in Barrington gives you thorough instructions on how teeth and dentures should be cleaned.

You cannot always avoid food debris under the prosthesis when you eat. It is a good idea to brush or rinse dentures often, preferably after each meal. To clean the prosthesis, use cold water and regular hand soap if necessary. Toothpaste should not be used because it is highly abrasive. Special denture brushes make it easy to keep the prosthesis clean inside and out.

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