Teeth Whitening Products and Procedures

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We all endeavor to have a set of beautiful, white, pearly teeth. However for most people, this can seem to be an elusive dream if your teeth are severely stained from activities such as smoking to excessive consumption of coffee/tea. Basic habits such as brushing your teeth regularly will also contribute to the health and coloring of your teeth. There are a number of treatments and Teeth Whitening Baltimore MD procedures that you can do to improve the color of your teeth.

One of the most common teeth whitening procedures is bleaching. This can be done through the use of over the counter bleaching products or by an experienced dentist in Matawan. The difference between these two options is in the intensity of the products used. In many pharmacists today, there are several cosmetic products claiming to make your teeth brighter in a short time period; from gels, toothpastes to mouth rinses; each of these companies claim to know the secret to attaining shiny, white teeth.

Whether these marketing claims hold any truth can be put to test by scrutinizing the chemicals used. When it comes to bleaching, the product responsible for improving the color of your teeth is hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. The effectiveness of a bleaching product can be predicted by the levels of hydrogen peroxide present in the product. The higher the percentage of any of these two chemicals, the stronger the product and therefore the higher the success rate. However, there are other factors that come into play such as the frequency of use of the product and the level of discoloration.

If you decide to use an experienced dentist in Matawan to perform Teeth whitening Matawan procedures then there are a number of treatment plans available for you to choose from. One of the advantages of in-office teeth whitening procedures is that they are done quickly and you are guaranteed to see results within a short time frame. The teeth whitening product in a dental clinic applied by an experienced dentist, is stronger and used concurrently with light, heat and laser technologies is bound to produce more dramatic results. However to see lasting results, you will need to have a couple of appointments made with your dentists.

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