Signs of a Great Dentist in Casa Grande AZ

by | May 10, 2013 | Dentist

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You know that you and your family need a dentist. The best time to choose a dentist is before any dental emergencies pop up -; not after. Since there are so many dentists in the greater Casa Grande area, it can be difficult trying to pick just one. Here are some signs of a great Dentist Casa Grande AZ to look out for.g

Properly Certified

Don’t just assume anyone who claims to be a dentist actually is a dentist. It is normal for dentists to display their diplomas and certificates of ongoing education in their offices. After a dentist’s name is a series of letters such as DDS, RDA or RDAEF. Check with your state licensing board or the American Dental Association to make sure that your prospective dentist is licensed to operate in your state.


Offices, waiting rooms and examination rooms should be clean and free from clutter such as piles of files or boxes of samples left by drug company representatives. A burnt hair smell is normal because that is the smell of dental work. Dental hygienists and dentists should wear masks and gloves before examining you. Good dentists will also be happy to answer any questions you have about the office’s hygienic practices.


Not only should the dentist have hours which can accommodate you, but they should also have parking spaces or are located near a parking area. Good dentist practices have signs that are easy to spot. Keep in mind that one day you may have to get to the dentist in bad weather when you are in a lot of pain. You want to be sure that you can get to the office easily. Some regular dentists will also open the office after hours for emergencies. Ask if the dentist will do this for you or if you need to see another dentist during off-hour emergencies.

The Human Touch

The dentist and staff should treat you with respect. They should explain what they want to do you and why. They should be willing to help you find affordable options for your dental care. Visit website for more information.

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