Services Performed By A Pediatric Dentist Richmond VA

by | Jun 7, 2013 | Dental Services

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A pediatric dentist Richmond VA is a dentist who specializes in the care and maintenance of children’s oral care. The primary focus of pediatric dentistry is to monitor the proper development of baby and adult teeth by preventing tooth decay. He or she reviews cases where cavities are prominent and educates parents and children of methods to eliminate them.

Diet and oral care are essential aspects of pediatric dentistry. A healthy diet affects the development of teeth. Children who consume sugary foods often are more likely to develop cavities than children who do not. Without proper oral care, teeth may rot and break, which could damage developing adult teeth.

A pediatric dentist evaluates the development of teeth at many stages of life. This includes monitoring the condition of teeth and alignment. He or she fills cavities when they are discovered and may place temporary crowns onto severely damaged baby teeth. The crowns are often metal caps that are placed around the bottom portion of the tooth to prevent further damage.

A dental hygienist works with a pediatric dentist Richmond VA to perform routine cleanings. She or he discusses potential dental problems with the dentist when they are discovered. They work together as a team to educate children and parents about the best practices to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

A dental assistant aids the dentist with oral treatments and surgeries. He or she performs x-ray services in-office. The assistant evaluates the patient’s x-rays to determine whether underlying problems exist. The dentist explains to the parents the best option for treatment when issues are discovered.

He or she is required to attend child psychology courses within a pediatric dentistry program. The acquired skills allow a pediatric dentist to communicate effectively with children in a calm manner. Dental visits are initially frightening for children. With these skills, a dentist comprehends methods of setting them at ease and creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Typically, a pediatric dentist provides children with stickers or balloons at the end of each visit. The reward system is utilized to maintain good behavior and remove the element of fear associated with dental visits. This method is most beneficial when the patient is a small child.

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