Braces in Bel Air Have Come a Long Way

by | Jun 6, 2013 | Dentist

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A person’s mouth has always been a very individual thing. As much as almost every person alive has the same basic set of teeth, their exact shape and the way that they lay themselves out as they come in can vary. That is why special devices were developed that make it possible to turn an unruly row of teeth into a perfectly orderly and straight smile. If you have been avoiding this procedure because you hate the idea of wearing an eye-catching metal apparatus in your mouth, though, you should take a look at how much Braces Bel Air area have advanced.

If you’re looking to stick to something similar to traditional Braces but with more subtlety, a dentist is now able to install versions that sit on the insides of the teeth. The principle is still the same, in that the device is attached to your teeth and is used to apply pressure to them to slowly nudge them into the desired positions. Since it is on the back of the tooth, however, it is almost completely invisible to anyone who doesn’t grab a flashlight and make a special point of peering around inside your mouth.

There are also good options for people who do not want anything attached to their mouth at all. Some companies have come out with special devices that are basically trays designed to slide over your teeth and to be worn as much as desired. The unit is a single piece and can not be adjusted, so you have to get a new one every couple of weeks. In return for this additional trouble and expense, you gain the ability to take the device off when you want to do things like eat and brush your teeth, as opposed to having to work around traditional solutions.

Braces Bel Air now include options that are much more flexible and compatible with modern lifestyles than older versions. If you have been holding off on fixing up your teeth because you didn’t want to deal with them getting uglier before things improved, you should take a look at the new technology and how invisible it really can be.

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