Return the Function of Your Mouth With Dental Implants From Dentist in Totowa

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One of the toughest challenges in modern dentistry is the replacement of missing teeth. Practically all Dentist in Totow a can fill these gaps with bridgework or partial dentures, but these methods tend to have their drawbacks. For example, using a bridge requires the dentist to remove a portion of the existing teeth on either side of the bridge to help anchor the bridgework in place. Partial dentures can be tough on the patient because they tend to shift and get food particles underneath them. In cases where all the teeth are missing the patient has little choice but to use a set of dentures. At least that was the case until dentists developed the technique of Dental Implants.

Dental implants  is a slightly involved procedure where Dentist in Totowa will insert an anchor, normally made from titanium or a titanium alloy, into the jawbone. This anchor is threaded so the dentist can easily insert a new replacement tooth or remove an existing one should it need repair. The procedure takes a little time though. How much time will depend on the method the dentist uses for inserting the anchor. In most cases there is a minor surgery to make the implant into the jaw then the dentist will give the patient time to heal. It takes somewhere between three to six months for this to happen. Once the bone has healed there will be another small procedure to remove the temporary insert used to protect the implant. At this point the dentist will insert a temporary crown to help shape the patient’s gum around the replacement. Once the gum has healed the dentist can put in the final crown.

Improving the look and function of a person’s teeth is the goal of every Dentist in Totowa. However, finding one who is willing to discuss their treatment and procedures so you can understand them can be difficult. Many dentist expect the patient to simply say, okay, but it helps to know what to expect before the dentist begins to work. Thankfully, dentists are beginning to realize why people fear visiting their offices and are making improvements to ease the concerns of those patients .

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