Reasons to Bring Your Kid to a Children’s Dental Health Clinic in Broken Arrow OK

by | Sep 4, 2018 | Dentist

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Even though baby teeth eventually fall out, it’s still important to teach your child the value of good oral hygiene. Kids who don’t see their dentist regularly while they’re young are less likely to do so as an adult. There are many reasons you may need to bring your child to a Children’s Dental Health Clinic in Broken Arrow OK.

Annual Exam

Perhaps the most obvious reason to schedule a dental appointment is for an annual exam. Both children and adults should visit their dentist at least once a year for a full oral health checkup. Not only do annual exams help a child get used to their dentist, but they also catch dental problems before they get out of hand.

During this thorough exam, the dentist will visually inspect the child’s mouth. They want to make sure all of the child’s teeth have erupted properly. The dentist will also look for any signs of decay or gum inflammation. X-rays may be taken, if the dentist feels they are necessary.

A Toothache

If a kid complains of a toothache, they should be taken to a Children’s Dental Health Clinic in Broken Arrow OK as soon as possible. Many toothaches aren’t serious. In some cases, the child may still have teeth coming in, causing pain in other parts of the mouth. Other kids have sensitive teeth. While this isn’t dangerous, it is quite painful.

However, there are instances with a toothache is the first sign of a bigger problem. If the child has severe tooth decay, for example, the dentist may recommend pulling the tooth to stop the pain. If it’s an adult tooth, a root canal may be suggested.

Crooked Teeth

As a child begins to lose their baby teeth, be sure to pay attention to how the new, permanent teeth grow in. It’s not uncommon for children to have crooked teeth, whether caused by crowding or gaps. The dentist may want to keep on eye on this, and they could recommend orthodontics down the road.

If your child is due for a dental checkup, be sure to schedule it right away. Visit us for more ideas on how to keep your child’s smile healthy. Instilling good oral hygiene habits while your child is young will help them have better oral health as they grow up.

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