Considering Implant Dentistry in Butler PA

by | Sep 11, 2018 | Dental Care

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Most people’s teeth do not last a lifetime. Teeth need to be treated more and more often with age, often down to the tooth root. But root-treated teeth are dead teeth and, thus, should not stay in the mouth.

There is a proven link between chronic inflammatory diseases, autoimmune diseases and pathogenic, dead teeth. The perfect root filling does not exist, and the affected teeth are often attacked by bacteria. These can severely damage your health – not just in the mouth, but in the entire body. The answer is implant dentistry in Butler PA.

What makes ceramic dental implants so attractive and appealing?

Dental implants meet the highest standards regarding compatibility, health, and aesthetics. If the patient has a titanium intolerance or a general discomfort to the metal being in their mouth, the dentist may suggest a metal-free option: ceramic Implant Dentistry in Butler PA. This highly-aesthetic implant is biocompatible and is regarded as a high-performance option.

Zirconia combines excellent biocompatibility with perfect aesthetics. Unlike gray titanium, it is metal-free and highly aesthetic due to its color.

Dead teeth do not belong in the mouth

Diseased teeth can cause severe chronic illnesses and removing them can take a toll on the patient: loss of bone and gums, aesthetics, comfort, time, money, and social well-being. Biological dentistry uses zirconia ceramic implants. Zirconia is an electrically neutral biocompatible ceramic.

Implants are artificial tooth roots. They not only serve as a holder for dentures but offer much more. They replace the tooth root by taking over its functions, growing into the jaw, and supporting the masticatory apparatus.

Their firm anchoring in the jaw gives them a distinct advantage: bone resorption, which usually occurs after the loss of a tooth, is contained or arrested. This is because the artificial tooth root continues to stress the jaw and continues to exercise natural bite pressure. The jaw understands that, at this point, bone is needed to optimally facilitate chewing, eating and talking.

If only a few teeth are affected, a treatment with implants is also gentler because the adjacent teeth do not need to be ground down. With implants, only a crown is necessary, which is applied as a replacement to the artificial tooth root. Visit us for more details.

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