Questions To Ask Before Getting Dental Implantation Performed

by | Mar 13, 2013 | Dentist

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Dental implants in Anne Arundel have become a fantastic alternative to bridge work or dentures. For an individual who is missing one or more teeth, dental implants are the closest thing to a “third” set of teeth. Getting dental implants is a surgical procedur,e and as such there are risks involved. Prior to agreeing to dental implants in Anne Arundel, you should do your homework and ask your dentist a few questions.

1. How long has the dentist been performing dental implant surgery/

Most patients would prefer to work with a dentist who has had a number of years successfully performing the procedure. Question your dentist; ask him to tell you about his years of practice, the training he received and the number of implantations he has performed.

2. What are the five year and 10 year success rate?

In most cases, dental implants Anne Arundel last for many years. However, if the doctor has not had a lot of experience and exposure to the latest technologies being employed, he may have a lower rate of success. Ask the dentist how many people are still having complete success with their implants and five and ten years after the procedure was done.

3. When will the doctor install the implants, and why?

There are a number of differences from one patient to another. Find out from the dentist when he is planning to set the implants. Will he do it on the same day, set them in a specific progression over time or wait for 4 to six months and set them all? Ask the dentist why he has chosen the schedule he has.

4. How many surgeries will be required?

Attempt to find out in advance how many surgeries will be needed. There may be a need for bone grafts and secondary opening of the jaw bone. If you are not comfortable with the answer, seek a second opinion.

5. Does the doctor sedate during the operations?

Oral sedation or IV sedation can make the surgery much less traumatic and far more comfortable. Find out if you will be sedated and which method will the dentist employ.

There is no doubt that dental implants greatly enhance the wearer, the normal ability to eat is fully restored and the look is natural. Once you have questioned the skills of the dentist and received satisfactory answers, the next question to ask is the cost. Dental implants are expensive; however, in many cases the procedure will be either partially covered or fully covered by health insurance. Discuss any financial issues with the dentist; perhaps he has a payment plan which will make the implants more affordable.

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