Factors to Consider Before Choosing an Orthodontist

by | Mar 15, 2013 | Dentists

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Have you recently found out that your child or teen needs braces? It is very common for children and teens to need braces but it is less common to find a great orthodontist. Luckily there are some things that you can do and things to consider before choosing an Orthodontist in Wayne NJ. From considering reputation and cost to their level of professionalism, you will likely be working with an orthodontist in Wayne, NJ for a few years, so it is very important that you and your child feel comfortable with them. Fortunately the following can help to make the decision easier:

Experience of the Orthodontist and the Staff

The practice of orthodontics goes well beyond the experience of a general dentist. If possible, finding an orthodontist and dentist in one is highly recommended. The experience level of an orthodontist is imperative if you want to get good results at the end. Because the field is constantly changing, you should find out if the orthodontist keeps up on the latest technology and if they are serious about using the latest methods in oral care. If not, you may want to go with another choice.

Consider the Level of Service You Receive

Some orthodontists are more concerned about filling up their schedule and seeing as many patients as possible. Typically when this happens, the level of customer service quickly falls. You should never feel like a number when you visit an orthodontist. In fact, because you will see this person and their staff so often, you should feel like a close friend and even as family. Your orthodontist and their staff should be interested in your child, their likes, dislikes and really go out of their way to ensure that your child feels comfortable from day one.

Cost Will Likely Come Into the Picture as Well

It will likely be no surprise that braces can be expensive. The cost of braces varies from one office to another so a bit of comparison shopping may be in order. The good thing, when it comes to cost, is that many orthodontic clinics will offer some type of financing. Insurance also may be able to cut down on the total cost of the braces. You shouldn’t sacrifice good oral hygiene based on cost. Remember, when it comes to orthodontics, where there is a will, there is a way.

Knowing how to choose a good orthodontist for your child is going to be very important as they go through this process. By looking at experience, service and cost, you will be able to choose a great doctor. If you take the time to research and explore different orthodontic options, you can be sure, when this experience is over, your child will have that perfect smile both of your may have been dreaming of.

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