Local Dentists In Vancouver WA Know All About What Can Ruin Teeth

by | May 13, 2019 | Dental Care

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Local Dentists in Vancouver WA really want the best for their patients. A dentist doesn’t want to always tell a patient that something is wrong with their teeth. Dentists often work hard to educate their patients so that problems can be avoided.


Making an annual trip to Lewis Family Dentistry for an examination helps a great deal with oral health, but it’s what a person does between dentist visits that can matter the most. A person doesn’t have to give up sweet treats if they wish to have healthy teeth. Someone who cares about their teeth can have ice cream, cake, and cookies, but they have to remember to do so in moderation.

Cleaning Teeth After Sugary Treats

Local Dentists in Vancouver WA know how sugar can negatively affect teeth. As such, an individual should seriously consider cleaning their teeth after indulging in sugary treats. It’s not something that has to be done all the time, but keeping mouthwash on hand to rinse sugar out of the mouth can certainly help to keep teeth healthy.

Risky Activities

Food and drink aren’t the only things that can cause damage to a person’s teeth. Certain activities such as playing soccer, basketball, and football can jeopardize teeth. A player might be encouraged to use a mouthguard while playing football, but not while playing soccer or basketball. A mouthguard should be worn in all sports where physical contact could damage the teeth.

Gum Disease

Gum disease can happen to anyone, but some individuals are more prone to it than others. Gum disease can usually be detected in a checkup. A dentist shouldn’t have any problem treating the disorder when it is caught early on. More advanced cases usually have to be referred to specialists. Gum disease is known to cause people who are suffering from it to lose their teeth and have other complications. Medicated mouthwash can be used for less severe cases.

Dentists might see their patients once or twice a year. While dentists visits are important, people have to make sure they care for their teeth throughout the year if they wish to avoid serious issues. You can also connect Facebook.

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