Discovering the World of Dental Implants

by | May 14, 2019 | dentistry

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One of the best and most convenient ways to make your teeth look great is via dental implants. These handy and convenient tools are more frequently the go to item for individuals that require tooth replacement. Why not? Whereas bridges and dentures have been used in the past, may problems are commonly associated with them. Bridges and dentures are also not permanent solutions to tooth loss. Find dental implants in Grand Island NE, and discover how you can permanently restore missing teeth.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

So what might prompt someone to look for dental implants in Grand Island NE, rather than sticking with dentures or a bridge? Implants fuse with the jawline. This means hardly anyone can tell you have an implant, because these teeth are held permanently in place. They do not come out. The color of implants depends on many factors, including your natural tooth color. Implants do not decay, and do not require anchoring like other solutions to missing teeth including fixed bridges. Bone loss is not a problem with implants. Most implants function well for 20 years or more, making implants one of the best long-term solutions for tooth replacement. These handy tooth replacements improve one’s smile, help with eating, and can contribute to better overall oral hygiene.

How Implants Work

Implants are crafted singly. You can have one implant or several, depending on your needs. The implant is the first part, fusing to the jawbone. Then, a portion called an abutment fits over the implant, and finally a crown, specially created by a qualified professional to fit on the abutment. This last part is important. The crown is fitted to look just like a natural tooth. It must be colored as white as the individual needs the tooth to look. Among all teeth created for individuals with tooth loss, implants are the most natural looking. Fixed bridges and other temporary solutions often require removal of apportion of other teeth to install the denture. This is not the case with implants. Implants do not endanger or damage the surrounding teeth. Who wants to harm teeth that are already well-stationed in the mouth? If you have a mouth that you like, but want to improve your smile, consider the benefits of dental implants. Visit our website for more information.

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