How To Convince Your Teenager To Get Braces

by | Jul 16, 2020 | Orthodontics

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When it comes to orthodontics in St. Augustine, it’s ideal to undergo procedures to correct uneven teeth as young as possible. This is why so many orthodontists often encourage their teenage patients who need corrective dental braces to have them implemented as soon as possible.

However, many teenagers are reluctant to get braces. They fear that they’ll be unattractive or that other adolescents will laugh at them. If your teenager needs braces but doesn’t want to get them, here’s some tips on how you can guide them towards the right choice.

Remind Them That It’s Temporary

Kids rarely think about things with a long term mindset. Instead, they focus on how things will be for them in the short term. If your teenager is apprehensive when it comes to orthodontics in St. Augustine, remind them that they won’t need to wear their braces forever. While a year or two years might seem like a long time when you’re a teenager, in the grand scheme of things, it’s barely any time at all.

Explain That It’s Better To Do It Now

There’s nothing unusual about the sight of a teenager with braces. However, adults with braces are a bit rarer and will occasionally get funny looks from strangers. Remind your teen that it’s probably a better bet to be a high school student with braces than it is to be a college student with braces.

Finally, appeal to your teen’s vanity by telling them how absolutely beautiful or handsome they’ll look after a few years of being a braces wearer. If you follow these tips, you can convince your teen to make the right choice.

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