Getting Orthodontic Help with a pediatric dentist in Destin, FL

by | Nov 20, 2013 | Orthodontics

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Many parents today want to help their children avoid orthodontic problems in their futures. Along with taking their kids to the dentist for regular check-ups and x-rays, parents may take their kids to a pediatric dentist in Destin, FL to have their mouths inspected for early signs of orthodontic problems. While children younger than the age of 7 more than likely can wait for intervention dental services, kids who are 7 and older can benefit by getting early orthodontic care from their Pediatric dentist in Destin, FL. Around this age, kids’ mouths will start to display signs of overbites, under bites, and other orthodontic concerns. Their pediatric dentist Casi B. Stubbs D.M.D. P.A. can begin the proper treatment and apply braces and other fixtures to straighten these young patients’ teeth.

In addition to traditional braces, young patients can benefit by having more space created in between their teeth. Many children suffer from crowding in their mouths that sees their teeth being pushed together and forced out of alignment. This misalignment can cause kids to spit when they talk, experience difficulties speaking well, and suffering embarrassment among their peers. Parents who want to correct this problem early could take them to this dental provider and agree to have their children outfitted with the necessary oral paraphernalia.

Taking care of this problem early can also be important because young kids still have teeth growing in their mouths. Children who are 7 or 8 years of age still must deal with their 10 year molars coming through; teenagers also must go through having their wisdom teeth grow in their mouths. If their mouths are too crowded, these new molars could make the crowding worse. Kids could have pain when they eat and experience facial and jaw discomfort because of the number of teeth in their mouths. Their dentist can remove teeth and create space in their mouths for teeth to erupt through the gums without causing spacing problems, over bites, and misalignment. Just like adults, children ages 7 and older could be prime candidates for orthodontic care if they show signs of orthodontic concerns.

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