FAQs About Grand Prairie Cosmetic Dentistry

by | Nov 6, 2017 | Cosmetic Dentistry

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In Texas, dental patients request cosmetic services to eliminate common hindrances that can diminish their smile. Damage and stains are primary causes of imperfect smiles, and they can hinder the patient’s self-esteem. A professional can provide answers to frequently asked questions about Grand Prairie Cosmetic Dentistry.

Are Teeth Whitening Treatments Safe for Everyone?

They are safe for most dental patients; however, any patient with existing damage or sensitivities to peroxide shouldn’t get these treatments. The solution is a professional-grade peroxide that is considerably more potent than at-home products, and they can cause discomfort if the patient has allergies or exposed nerves. The dentist should examine the teeth before any whitening treatments are performed.

What is Achieved with Veneers?

Veneers are thin acrylic devices that are installed over the outside of the tooth enamel and are bonded permanently to the tooth. They are used to cover permanent discoloration due to severe stains and the aging process. The veneers are also used to correct misshapen teeth and simple alignment issues for the patients, and these devices are used to correct other damage as well.

Why are Dental Implants More Beneficial?

Dental implants are more beneficial than other teeth replacement options, and they won’t lead to embarrassing moments like dentures will. The implants are installed into the jawbone permanently and look and function just like natural teeth, and the patients acquire a natural looking smile with these installations. They can be installed in one or two dental visits with minimal pain and discomfort.

Can a Dentist Perform Multiple Cosmetic Services in One Visit?

It depends on what kind of damage the patient has at the time of the visit. The dentist typically doesn’t perform repairs and teeth whitening treatments all at once. However, they can repair teeth and install implants in one visit.

In Texas, dental patients can acquire cosmetic services to correct conditions that hinder their confidence. The dentist will perform these services based on the patient’s needs and budget, and they can provide estimates for services ahead of time. Patients can acquire services through Grand Prairie Cosmetic Dentistry by contacting Carrier Dentistry right now.

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