Facts About Dental Crowns In Ahwatukee, AZ

by | Jan 9, 2014 | dentistry

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Teeth grinding (otherwise known as bruxism), improper bite, age, mismatched dental restorations, and tooth decay can all be contributing factors in worn, cracked or broken teeth. Dental crowns are structures that mimic the tooth in shape, color and function, covering the entire visible surface of the affected tooth, with the advantage of added strength, durability and stability. Going to a dentist will allow them to detect areas of damage, thereby giving a detailed diagnosis with the help of X-rays. This will determine whether there is a need for a crown. The most popular of Dental Crowns in Ahwatukee, AZ are made of porcelain, and may include a root canal treatment.

In other instances, crowns can be used to replace a missing, fractured, or a weakened natural tooth due to caries. A dental prosthesis or dental porcelain fixed bridge is a structure that replaces missing teeth when there is a space between two or more natural teeth, which has adequate bone support and retentive surfaces. Porcelain crowns are cemented to the teeth on either side of the space where the natural tooth is lost, supporting a section of the bridge that consists of one or more teeth, connected to the two crowns.

These devices can last indefinitely, depending on individual conditions of each patient. The current porcelain dental crowns can last a generation if they are maintained in good conditions. Crowns have the advantage of largely increasing the resistance of weakened or worn teeth. Depending on your habits and the condition of your gums, there can be some drawbacks, however. It is vital that your dentist make a correct diagnosis and assessment in order to recommend the type of crown that is best for you. Many factors are considered, including the importance of aesthetic appearance.

Porcelain crowns are metal-free, and considered new generation dental material. They are viewed as the most aesthetically advanced, as they mimic the color of adjacent teeth. Even though porcelain crowns require a higher level of skill and experience by your cosmetic dentist, the aesthetics is well worth it. These types of crowns have a high resistance to compressive forces and wear, achieving a very natural look if done under the right technique. For more information about Dental Crowns in Ahwatukee, AZ, contact your local cosmetic dentist today.

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